Disabled Bathrooms Northern Ireland

Luxury bathroom solutions for the disabled, special needs and elderly.

Disabled, Elderly and Special Needs Bathrooms
  • Northern Ireland's leading bathroom installation company for the elderly and less abled.
  • We install feature rich products for easier use and accessability, but we also desgn your bathroom to meet the highest luxury look and feel you deserve.
  • Experts in domestic installations, but we also have experience with commercial and residential nursing homes.
  • Some of the products and features we offer include easy-access wetrooms, custom height shelves, comfort toilets, grab rails, shower and bath seats, low lever enclosures, easy access baths, alarms, anti-scald products and much more!
  • Less Abled, Special Needs and Elderly Bathrooms Design and Installation.

    Banbridge Bathroom Centre are experts in the installation of bathrooms for those who may have trouble using a regular shower, bath or toilet.

    We have extensive experience working with homeowners as well as nursing homes and other services in the installation and conversion of specially adapted bathrooms for the less abled.

    We design, supply and install feature rich products to improve accessibility, usability and safety, but we also make sure that your bathroom, although converted to suit your personal needs, does not lose out on having the unique, modern, luxurious look and feel that you deserve.